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Surabaya, the capital city of East Java is the second largest city of Indonesia. Situated lay between of Mas River and by the side of Madura Island in the north, the city is one of the busiest ports in the country. Surabaya, once famous as the 'City of Heroes' has now grown into elegantly large city of Southeast Asia that serves as the commercial center of thriving industrial and agricultural surrounding areas. The city's historical sites include Kali Mas harbor, the narrow alleyways, and shops of the Arab quarters. Some other interesting places to explore in this region are Mt. Bromo, the best view mountain retreat, Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in East Java, Jales Veva JayaMahe monument, a large admiral-like statue, Mpu tantular Museum, and Pasopati, a real Russian submarine.


The hotels in Surabaya, Malang , Batu and other cities offer some ultimate accommodations filled with luxury and comfort as well as few budget hotels. 


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